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Liability coverage pays for damage that the insured driver would have otherwise been responsible for. For instance, say you cause an accident and the damage done is estimated to cost $6,000. Assuming you are insured for $6,000 or more under your auto insurance plan, your out-of-pocket expenses will be minimal. Often times, the two areas covered by liability coverage are people and property. Generally, each individual liability coverage plan will have a maximum amount of money it will pay per injured person, as well as a maximum amount of money it will pay for all injured persons combined.

When shopping around for auto insurance, make sure to be aware of the potential discounts you can get. While certain companies may offer unique discounts, here are a few that tend to be available across the board in some form:

Good (or "Safe") Driver Insurance

Many insurance providers will offer some sort of incentive for each year you go without an accident or violation. Different companies will offer different incentives, so make sure to know your options.

Multiple Vehicle Insurance

Some companies will offer a reduced rate for each additional vehicle you have on your insurance plan.

Homeowner Packages

Often times, it is possible to get a discount on your auto insurance simply by being a homeowner. It is also possible through many agencies to bundle home owner's insurance with auto insurance for a discounted price.

Various "Student" Insurance Packages

There are several common student discounts available through most providers. These can be based on the student's grades, how far away he or she goes to college (in relation to his or her hometown), and so on.

Additional "Safety" Discounts

It is often possible to receive a reduced rate for various safety features your car may have.


Often times certain vocations are likely to receive discounts based on their professions. This is especially true of members and former members of the United States armed forces, though other professions may be eligible as well. Additionally, it is rather common for senior citizens to be eligible for a reduced insurance rate, especially if retired.

GAP is an acronym that stands for "guaranteed auto (or asset) protection". Gap coverage comes in handy if your vehicle is totaled before you have paid it off. This coverage will pay you the difference between the blue book value of your vehicle and the amount left on your loan when your vehicle is totaled. This can save you an enormous amount of money if you purchase a new car and it is totaled within the first several years from the time at which you purchase it.

Collision insurance covers damage done to your vehicle during an accident, while comprehensive insurance covers theft, damage done by an act of God, or any damage done to the vehicle not during the course of an accident. Neither of these types of insurance are required in the United States, but it is most prudent to purchase one or both of these plans, especially if you are concerned with fixing cosmetic damage done to your vehicle.

State minimum car insurance is the bare minimum of legal car insurance in your state. While prices (and coverage plans) vary from state to state depending on the requirements set by each state respectively, the plans generally cover two areas. Those areas are bodily injury and property damage.

Bodily injury is generally separated into two categories: per person injured and per accident. While the amounts vary by state, the state minimums generally hover around $25,000 per person injured and up to $50,000 for the combined injuries incurred during a given accident. The property coverage in a minimum plan is generally around $10,000 in most states.

These are applied only to the person who is at fault in the given accident, and the party who is not at fault will not have to pay any expenses. This means that, if a $23,000 car is totalled and the person at fault only has minimum coverage, the out of pocket expense for that person will be $13,000.

Additionally, medical costs can be extreme in the United States. In general, a visit to the emergency room alone will cost around $10,000. This is simply for a visit, and does not include any major procedures that you or any injured parties may require following an accident.

So, purchasing your state's minimum car insurance coverage will save you some money so long as you do not find yourself at fault for an accident or incurring any major property damage to your vehicle. Like all insurance, it is a gamble to some degree. We have found that it is most prudent, generally speaking, to at least purchase some liability insurance, if not collision as well.



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